How long does it take to build a website

This is a question I get asked quite frequently. It is a nice way of asking: “How long is this thing damn thing gonna take?”

In my opinion, there are two parts to this question:

  1. When will the website be online and ready to use?
  2. When will I start making money from this website?

When will the website be online and ready to use?

Before any work can be done on your website, there is a vital step that web developers call the discovery phase. This is when the needs of the client are layed out and all the content (ie. logos, high res images, graphics, text etc.) are presented. The basic look and feel of the website are discussed, the structure of the content is determined, and important features are listed. This is a very detail-oriented phase and it acts as the corner stone for the all the work the developer will do.

The discovery phase can take anywhere from a day to a couple weeks depending mostly how ready the client is.

After discovery is the development phase. This is when the developer works his magic. By the end of the development phase the client will have their own fully functional and visual-appealing website. (To see what features are included with a website, check out this post.) The timeframe for development depends mostly on the company or freelancer you are working with, but it is usually around 2-3 weeks from discovery.

Here at Kaplan Web Development we believe in efficiency and we strive to get our sites up and running as quickly as possible and we continue to offer our support to keep your website updated and user-friendly.

When will I start making money from this website?

Making money from your website is a process that requires much more than just building the website. The developer’s job is to get your website up and running and make sure it is working correctly and that any errors are addressed.

To start making money from your website, you will need to constantly update your website with valuable content and engage your audience. You will also need an SEO expert and someone who understands google and facebook advertising.

I will guarantee you this: as soon as you fill your website with valuable content and learn to engage your audience, you will see an immediate return on your investment.

Very soon we will be offering SEO and digital marketing add-ons to our packages so that working with us will truly be a one-stop shop.

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