Essential tools for building a successful website

Whenever you start a project, the first thing you need to ask might be: what tools should I use?

Using reliable tools makes every job easier and when it comes to building websites, that is especially true. Here are some basic tools you should use when building your website.

We’ve used many, many different programs, so take it from us when we tell you: these are the best.

1. Hosting and Domain – SiteGround

“Hosting” is a company that stores site on a super safe and reliable server which is maintained and kept running 24/7. Otherwise, you would have to store your website on your own server or computer and maintain it 24/7. The cost of a reliable host begins at $48 a year.

A domain is the website address that people into their browser to find your site. This begins at about $15 a year, but it may be more based on various factors.

SiteGround Hosting

We recommend SiteGround for both Hosting and Domain. Their hosting is the fastest and most reliable for the price they offer. Also, they have some of the best support in the market, which is super important when self-hosting your site.

SiteGround is actually recommended by WordPress because SiteGround has tools that make managing and building WordPress sites SUPER easy. For example, a one-click install that sets WordPress up within minutes, managed updates which means you don’t need to worry about not keeping up with updating all the software, WordPress staging so that you can build a staging site and launch it when you’re ready.

2. Website Builder – WordPress

WordPress powers 34% of all websites on the web. Compare that with Joomla at 3%, Drupal at 2%, Megento at 1%, and the numbers speak for themselves.

WordPress is the most flexible and non-limiting website building tool out there. You can literally build anything you can think of using their +50,000 free plugins. That besides the thousands of premium plugins that can make anyone feel like a web developer. Did I mention WordPress is free?

3. Layout and Structure – Astra Theme

WordPress requires a theme to create the layout and structure of your content and pages. There are thousands of themes, but there are only three I recommend. The one I like most is Astra. This theme is the easiest and most customizable theme and it’s free to use.

4. Design – Elementor Page Builder

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have full control of every part of your website and you don’t like to be limited by your theme, then Elementor is a must-have. You get to change the way your entire website looks.

You can even create your own theme from scratch, all in a visual frontend page builder.

You might be thinking: I’m not a designer, so what good is a design tool? Well, Elementor has ready-made templates that you can insert into your page with just a few clicks of the mouse. Then you just go in and customize tweak as you see fit. It’s really incredible!

You can create an awesome website just using the free version, but the paid is even more incredible and really affordable. It costs only $49 a year, and as soon as you have your site exactly how you want it – which will probably take only a couple of months at most – you won’t need your license anymore.

5. Stock Images –

Sometimes you need some cool stock photos for a landing or for some cool promotions. In my experience, the best way to search is They have tons and tons of amazing and free stock images for almost any occasion. If there is nothing for free, they have great paid suggestions. I use Pexels as my “image search engine” because it usually gives better results than Google images and I know if I am allowed to use the image or not.

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