How to prevent WordPress emails from getting lost in space…

Are your WordPress website’s email not being delivered or your clients have to look in their spam folder to find them?

Perhaps you got a call from a customer who made a purchase and didn’t receive a confirmation or receipt?

Listen up! 🗣

There is a list of things that you must check or configure when launching your WordPress website as well as when you are doing monthly or annual checkups.

One of the most important of these checks is making sure your emails are being sent through SMTP and not the default WordPress way. This means that they are sent through your host’s mail server which is more reliable and not through some random WordPress website.

By default, WordPress sends all emails directly through php, which is a recipe for disaster, since Gmail and other email providers will usually take a long time to deliver these emails and most of the time send them directly to the recipient’s spam folder. 🙁

This is why you MUST have a SMTP plugin installed, preferably WP Mail SMTP by WPForms. Here’s how to set it up in five minutes. 🙂 Ready? Go!

First, in your dashboard, hover over the Plugins tab and press Add New.

You will be brought to the plugin repository. Search for WP Mail SMTP by WPForms. Yeah, that’s the one. The seagul with over 1 Million active installs.

Press Install Now.

Now press Activate.

Upon activation, you will be brought to the Plugins page. Scroll down till you find the plugin and press Settings.

On the Settings page, you have to fill out a form to let the plugin know where to send your emails through and how. The first part of the form, Mail, is simple:

  • From Email: Fill in the email address you created on your host’s mail server. If you don’t have one yet, create one now.
  • From Name: Put in your business name or your name, whatever you prefer.
  • Mailer: Choose the last option, Other SMTP.
  • Return Path: This should be checked. Otherwise, if someone tries to respond to your email, you might not see it.

Now for the second part of the form, Other SMTP. This usually varies from host to host. If you need help finding your hosts SMTP details, call up your host, they’ll be happy to help.
I am using Dreamhost, so if you are as well, then just fill in the following:

  • SMTP Host:
  • Encryption: Choose TLS
  • SMTP Port: 587
  • Authentication: ON
  • SMTP Username: Again, fill in the email address you created on your host’s mail server
  • SMTP Password: Fill in the password you use to log in to your mailbox.

Click Save Settings. The page should refresh and you should receive a success message. Test your email using the Email Test tab.

Enter the email address you would like to send the test email to. Leave HTML on or turn off; it doesn’t make a difference. Click Send Email.

If all the details were filled out correctly, then you should get a success message.

Within seconds, the email should be in your Inbox.

Now all of your emails should arrive safely and your costumers won’t get freaked out when they get no confirmation or receipt after giving you their credit card information.

If you are still having trouble with this issue after reading this post or if you need help, please feel free to leave a comment and/or schedule a FREE half-hour consultation, where we can discuss this and other WordPress questions that you might have.

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