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The 4 Elements of Building a Successful Website

You may already know this, but building a successful website can be very overwhemling and comlicated. There are many individual tasks that need your intention and it’s hard to imagine you’ll ever have time for them all, but if you divide all of them into just four categories and focus on only at a time, you’ll be amazed at how effeciently you can get things done.

Introducing the 4 elements of a healthy website.

Any healthy living website depends on four elements to survive just as all living things depend on four elements for survival: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

The Earth is the foundation of every living thing and from it comes forth all it’s needs, like food and shelter. Water rejuvenates our bodies. Air let’s us breath, so that we can function properly. Fire from the Sun lights up this world and keeps it safe from the darkness and cold.

The same is true for any living breathing website. There are 4 elements there are essential for not only building a successful website, but also to maintain it and keep it alive That is to say, generating leads to your business and selling your services and products.

The first one is Earth, the Foundation of your website, which is the process of discovering what you need in a website and what your goals for your website.

The second is Water, which represents Clarity. Your website must be designed in a clear and straitforward manner and your message must be easily understandable.

Next is Air, which is the Performance of the website. Your website must be as light as air so that your visitors don’t have to wait five minutes for each page to load.

Finnaly we have Fire, which represents Security. It is important to keep your information safe, and all the more so to keep your visitors safe on your website.

These four elements, Foundation, Clarity, Performance, and Securtiy are all highly essential for every website, so in the coming weeks I will be posting every day to help you improve in each one of these areas.

First, we will be talking about building a strong foundation for your website by finding a host provider that is right for your needs.

After that, we’ll discover how to make your website clear, by sketching out simple blueprints for the layout of the entire site.

Next we will discuss the most essential part of boosting your site’s performance and speed, Image Optimization.

And finally, we will learn about a really easy way to effectively secure your WordPress website.

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